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, Phoenix, AZ, 85027

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About us:

As times are changing, people no longer want to receive brown-black tasteless water in a cup and call it coffee. People want to receive a high-quality product giving them immediate satisfaction and happiness.

When it comes to coffee drinks, “My Coffee Booth” single-serve coffee system has changed the way people get and enjoy their coffee and tea beverages. By combining freshly grounded beans which are precisely brewed right after you touch the order button, it gives consumers the ability to get quick and easy, high-quality gourmet coffee or premium brand tea in seconds, at a highly competitive price. “My Coffee Booth” provides a solution for coffee and tea consumers by producing an exceptional quality drink without having to visit an overpriced coffee shop or waste time standing in line for your order. Our system works just like having a personal barista but instead – at the touch of a button! Our gourmet coffee vending machines are the perfect solution for small or large scale businesses such as office rooms, auto shops, bank lobbies, hair salons, and many more.

It is so easy to fall in love and become a “My Coffee Booth” fan! us


We are a small Phoenix based company dedicated to deliver high quality gourmet coffee to every office, break room or work place. Our machines are automated and do not require a water source which makes them really easy for installation. They have a small footprint and really low energy consumption. We deliver and install the machines absolutely for free as well as we do the cleaning, re-stoking and maintenance so no cost for you at all. We also offer a free trial period so your employees can test every different drink of the variety the machines offer without spending a single cent and after the trial if you and your employees are not happy with the products, we will take our back with no obligations for you. Our machines use only cashless payment methods so no cash is stored in the machines at any time. Our company’s mission is to stay plastic free, we use only paper and wood consumables in our machines.